The Hunt For Our Lost Poems

Take Up Arms And Conquer The Vampires

Kevin: It’s been a while since I last blogged, but seeing how I can actually help out on a good cause, here’s something mysterious for you…

Stories, myths and legends await you at Singapore Arts Festival 2012, and right now, 23 Arts Fest Show Symbols are lost in the vastness of the Internet waiting for you to discover.
The symbols are hidden on various webpages, blogs and facebook pages, and where they are hidden just might give you more hints of what to expect of the programmes for Arts Fest this year.

Look out for symbols like the one on my page
Take down the website address on the symbol and enter all your finds in the submission page at the Singapore Arts Fest facebook page

The first five people to discover any 10 symbols will win.
But the best prize awaits the most hardworking person who manages to uncover all 23 symbols first, who will win a hamper with a whole lot of goodies!

There will be clues released on the Symbol Hunt page to help you find some of the more well-hidden symbols, so Like it to stay updated!

Symbol Hunt Facebook Page
Arts Fest Facebook Page
Arts Fest Web Page