The Social Cyborg @ BlinkBL-NK: From perfect memory to networked consciousness

Social Cyborg @ BlinkBl-nk #5

Rushing over from work, I made my way down to Blu Jazz where BlinkBL-NK was at it’s fifth installment. Having been to earlier speaker sessions in the past two months, I liked the diversity in speakers and the easy-going atmosphere.

This time it was my turn to hit the stage, so I thought I’d don the Social Cyborg outfit one final time. Putting on that wearable sensory rig was strangely nostalgic.

Social Cyborg @ BlinkBl-nk #5

Beside my geek friends Coleman and Bernard, colleagues from National Art Gallery Singapore, Eve (plus her guy friend Ben), Jean and Shujuan, came by to support me, which was very sweet of them.

I don’t wish to ruin the fun of my talk, so just take a quick look through my visual slides and imagine my voice sharing stories around them. I’ll just say that we’re all in the business of trading experiences, and my approach was to explore how we could share our realities in the fullest way possible.

To help the audience along, I had played videos before my talk, including the documentary about the wearable camera system, as well as a trailer for Strange Days. Here’s the entire presentation as posted on Slideshare…

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Social Cyborg @ BlinkBl-nk #5
BTW, here are more photos my colleague Shujuan kindly took…

5 thoughts on “The Social Cyborg @ BlinkBL-NK: From perfect memory to networked consciousness

  1. Looks like a good talk and sorry to miss it. See I told you that your get-up is a chick magnet.

    PS – Err… it should be Shujuan and not Shuyun Kevin… Must be another girl you were thinking about? šŸ™‚

  2. Colleagues turned up to support huh? And you got their names wrong? Tsk tsk! Just kidding. I've seen your presentation before (although I've never heard you speak it). Still remains as relevant today as when you shared it maybe 2 years ago?

    1. Haha. Thanks for dropping by Ivan.

      Whenever I do a presentation, I refresh it in a way that it becomes relevant to our times. At the core, principles stay, but stories are adapted to current affairs. If you glance through my slides, you'll see how I do so… sometimes changing the main story entirely.

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