In High Definition: Singapore’s Night Festival – New World 2010

Night Festival - New World 2010 (Singapore)

Friday evening after work, I grabbed a quick dinner then headed to the museum district to check out the Night Festival: New World 2010. Just me and my Sony NEX-5, absorbing the electrifying experiencing of the numerous unique performances downtown.

While there were several fringe art activities, I spent most of my time checking out the swinging taxi-girls (yes, they were yummy!), the World’s Slowest SMS Billboard at the Singapore Art Museum, as well as the epic Parabole 2.0 at the National Museum of Singapore.

Night Festival - New World 2010 (Singapore)
See the entire taxi-girls photo set…

What struck me was how forwardly participatory some of these acts were, from dancing with the taxi-girls and taxi-boys as a way to learn about our past and have fun, the ability to SMS a personal love-note @ SAM, to how the epic Paths of Time theatrical production took two separate stages with actors/actresses having to cross through the audience. This turns the audience into a subtle backdrop or even into fellow performers.

Night Festival - New World 2010 (Singapore)

There was simply too much to see in one night, and I’m glad I didn’t travel much because some of the shows, such as the Abusement Park @ SAM, had pretty long lines. I prefer not to get overwhelmed by picking favorites, but for some, the organizers could have perhaps provided a way for the public to create their own itinerary online (as my colleague Regina suggested).

Night Festival - New World 2010 (Singapore)
See the Night Festival 2010 photo set…

Read on to watch the high-definition videos of some of these amazing performances…

Night Festival 2010: Taxi-Girls & Taxi-Boys @ SMU Green (HD video)


Night Festival 2010: World’s Slowest SMS Billboard @ SAM (HD video)


Night Festival 2010: Parabole 2.0 @ National Museum of Singapore (HD video)

If you missed it this weekend, you’d do well to come down for next year’s Night Festival!

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