So… how’s work?

Ever since returning to Singapore, this seemingly innocuous question I’m often asked is probably best answered by the late (and eternally great) Rodney Dangerfield.

While the job ended up being quite different from what I had originally signed up for, I’ve been trying to convince myself to learn beyond my talent and passion. What did take me by surprise after over a month into the job though, are the few colleagues who are clearly giving me the cold shoulder for some strange reason. I must have been lucky to have worked under cozier and less sterile circumstances.

Fortunately, most of the folks I’m working with are friendly and talented in their own right. Logically speaking, I should proportion my concerns accordingly. The funny thing about being human though, is that you could have a hundred friends cheering you on, but just a handful who dislike you in order to turn your mood down.

Whichever the case, I’ll try, and try harder. It’s an opportunity for me to earn their respect.

6 thoughts on “So… how’s work?

  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. About how we're often affected by a few. Still, work is work. We're not paid a salary to be “liked”. I mean, sure we have to show respect to other colleagues and be professional in all that we do. It helps if we have more than a surface-level working relationship, so personal networking at work is important — at all levels and not just upwards. But whether people ultimately “like” us or not, that's really out of our control. I think to allow oneself to be affected like that, would be to trap ourselves. Dude, Ddn't lose sight of the entire forest because of a few trees ­čÖé

  2. Just keep your head up man. It's always tough starting out at a new job sometimes. You're gonna have some professional jealousy and other insecurities to deal with. Just remember, you got the job because you earned it. Don't worry about those other people. If they're professionals they will either come around, or they won't, in which case, you're probably better off not dealing with them anyway. Just do the work and let your own dedication and professionalism come through.

    1. Sometimes, though, no matter how you may try, those people may not come around. But just focus on the nice people around, and do your best to reach out to 'those people' so you know you've tried. Even if they never come around, it's ok. It reflects something about them, not you. ­čÖé Because you've tried your best. Jia you, ganbatte!!

  3. Hey Kevin!

    Thanks for the update on how work is going. I just graduated and guess I'll be facing similar issues soon too haha. Nevertheless, I'm sure you'll show them your talent in this super cool new area of mixed-reality. Honestly, I'm jealous you're building a revolutionary museum!! The only time I got to try my hands with experimenting all these cool tech was in school & research projects :(…

    Looking forward to hearing about the exciting you're doing (and allowed to talk about) there soon! ^_~

    Su Yuen

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