First ever Creative Commons Salon in Singapore (Bonus: Inch Chua performs!)

CC Salon Singapore #1

Yesterday, my poster session at the ICA 2010 conference turned out more fun than expected (will share that soon), while last evening’s first ever CC Salon Singapore at Hackerspace SG turned out to be quite a riot!

In case you weren’t aware, CC Salons are global, informal events focused on building a community of artists, developers, and creators of all kinds around Creative Commons licenses, standards, and technology. It’s nice to know CC awareness is growing within Singapore’s various creative communities.

Preetam Rai kicked off CC Salon with “Sharing my Images with a CC license”IMG_9390.jpg
Preetam is a natural storyteller, weaving a tale of how his CC-licensed night photography of a cathedral in Budapest was used in a Wikipedia entry, and how that landed him a position with Global Voices Online.

Kevin Lim (is I) spoke on “Marginalia: Giving books their social life”IMG_9402.jpg
Three things: FutureoftheBook,
If you’re interested, you can view my presentation on Google Docs.

Stefano Virgilli showed a demo of “Adobe After Effects: Creating animated words”IMG_9405.jpg

Pinned with numerous Adobe certifications, Stefano probably had good intentions for sharing his title animation technique with the crowd, but it felt more like an Adobe sales pitch riding on the CC bandwagon. Several participants felt the same way, and it could have been diffused if Stefano had shown alternative, affordable apps for doing similar things. e.g. Adobe Photoshop = GIMP. That would have made his session more approachable and compelling.

Inch Chua shared her story on “Creative Commons & The Opposing Innovation” IMG_9413.jpg
Incidentally, @InchChua was the first Singapore solo artist selected to perform at the SXSW music festival, reminding us how we as Singaporeans often lack the ability to appreciate local talent till they’ve made it abroad. At CC Salon, she explained why she gave away her music under Creative Commons, citing how musicians in the past would give fans their music as a way to get them to come to their performances, where they actually made their living. She also explained how 99 cents a track on iTunes would yield her less than 10 cents per song, spurring her to give her music away. Now I’m compelled to donate through her web site.

Me: “Is Inch Chua your real name?”
Inch: “Yeah!”
Me: “You’ve got cool parents”
Inch: “I guess I do!”

She followed up her talk with a live performance of two of her tracks…

Inch Chua performing live at the first CC Salon Singapore

Here are the rest of the photos I took from this open event. Thanks to Ivan Chew for organizing CC Salon SG, and to Lucian for sharing his great photographs! Do read Ivan Chew’s (aka Rambling Librarian) post-mortem of this Inaugural CC Salon SG if you’d like to know what happened and when the next CC Salon SG will be!

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