Teacher Evaluation Forms for the LOL Generation

Abi Huynh's Teacher Evaluation Forms

As educators, teaching evaluations can sometimes make or break our careers as seen in this New York Times article. Artist Abi Huynh, from the Royal Academy of Art, the Netherland puts a new spin on the otherwise boring survey form.

Don’t bother. The image is too low-res to print, so we’re encouraged construct our own versions.

Source: New York Times “Judgement Day” // via worldfamousdesignjunkies

3 thoughts on “Teacher Evaluation Forms for the LOL Generation

  1. This is an excellent article from New York Times on teachers' evaluation. End term survey on students feedback is one of the tools to evaluate teachers' performance. Good academic administrators often use a combination of other tools like peer observation, teachers observation by qualified program directors and even casual conversation with students can often give a more accurate summary. It's true that this exercise is often a drag for most students and Abi's interesting graphic will certainly create interest. Design does matter.

    1. Yes, we need a more holistic way to evaluate teaching as you said. Some schools can't afford the time and money, so it's sad to see good teachers get unfairly evaluated. Good design of the form may help to alleviate this problem, but making the survey less tiresome and more engaging.

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