From Singapore to Buffalo, what I’m up to now…

Siva's workplace
As a cyber-socialite, I visited hyper-connected people, such as NUS biologist @Sivasothi (aka otterman) who enhances student interactions with blogs and Google Docs. That’s his workplace.

From the searing heat of Singapore to the chilly silence of Buffalo, it’s time for me to get back to work.

There are three things on my plate at this moment:
1. Finding a career (my main priority!)
2. Dissertation cleaning (I’ve graduated, but still bug-fixing)
3. Blog about my adventures in Singapore

While I might share the first two tasks in due time, the third task involves sharing what I’ve experienced in Singapore, which is manageable in chunks.

Stories from Singapore I intend to blog about…

  1. My Sister’s Wedding @ The White Rabbit (video + photos)
  2. John Larkin’s Singapore Story @ Haji Lane (videos + photos)
  3. John Larkin & Kevin Lim talk Classroom 2.0 @ NTU (videos)
  4. Social Media Agencies in Singapore (24Seven, Avantworks, BBH) (video + photos)
  5. Kevin talks Social Media Strategy @ 24Seven Get-Together (photos)
  6. Preetam’s Pokem social toy (video)
  7. Lunch with intellect Keng Suan of Williams and Phoa (photos)
  8. Dragon Kiln tour with Carolyn Lim (video + photos)
  9. Interview Aaron Tan on Gaming @ Jurong Regional Library (video)
  10. Interview with Yu-mei & Mark Frost of “Singapore: A Biography” (video)
  11. Brandtology tour with Kelly Choo (video)
  12. MoeMoe on Burmese food @ Inle Myanmar (video)
  13. My Singapore Food Safari (Crescent Way, Prissyhan’s Chicken Rice, Modcentric’s Chicken Rice, Michael Cho @ Best Satay, Mini SG Tweetup @ Dempsey130, Tanjong Pagar’s Shark Meat Lor Mee, Mum’s tennis kahkis @ Seven Mile, Penny’s Robertson Walk foodies, Lynda & Cung @ Mezzanine) (photos)

Do tell me in the comments what you’d like to read about first so I can share them in preferential order. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “From Singapore to Buffalo, what I’m up to now…

  1. Kevin, we'd love to hear it all! I know… that's no help to you. About the career path. Are you flexible in where you are going to stay? Preferential in any way? Of course we would love to have you stay in Buffalo or even the states. What field are you targeting? Do they even have a name for what people like you and I do? I will help any way I can and of coure your welcome to come over for thanksgiving dinner this year ­čÖé

  2. ooo I would be delighted to read about the food safari. well then again, I like to hear/see anything about food ­čÖé

    good luck with the job hunt, and getting what you want!

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