Our Buffalo Tweetup @ Cabana Sam’s

Buffalo Tweetup @ Cabana Sam's - a set on Flickr

Before summer fizzed away, this month’s Buffalo Tweetup was held at Cabana Sam’s in Sunset Bay (see Google map). It’s my first time at a beach in Buffalo, even though it’s technically a lake beach. At last… sun, sand, and “sea”.

Many of us local twitterers were there, including Jim Milles (@JimMilles), Kristina Lively (@KLively), Joseph Hsu (@jhsu), Janelly (@jpineda04), Diana Truong (@ursexyfat). A few new twitter friends included Seon McDonald (@laserfox) from Trinidad, Anne (@Awalterich) who lives by the beach and Michael Rebmann (@mrebmann) who discusses politics on twitter.

If you want in on future Buffalo Tweetups, do join buffalotweetup.ning.com and follow @BuffaloTweetup.

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