Social Cyborg upgrades: GoPro Hero Cam + Xacti HD1010

GoPro Hero Cam's Delicious Wide Lens!GoPro Hero Cam's Delicious Wide Lens!

GoPro Hero CamGoPro Hero Cam: Driving from Triads apartment to the airport. This exciting wearable camera is actually meant for extreme sports, so I’ll try to be creative in pushing it later. They’ve got tons of mounts for it, including ones for the helmets, surfboards, suction cups for race cars and so on.

I need to fashion a mount that clips onto the front strap of my sousveillance backpack. While it does great video thanks to its bright lens, I like the automated shooting mode which lets me automatically capture five megapixel fisheye photos every 2 or 5 seconds. Though I lose sound in that mode, it’s allows me to quickly browse through a visual record of where I’ve been and who I’ve met.

Don’t forget the latest firmware update which increases recording from 2gb to 4gb per file, as well as improving exposure in bright environments (e.g. snow). If you’re wondering how this camera’s been used in extreme sports, take a look at these nut-jobs! I got the basic GoPro Wide Hero 5MP camera from Amazon for $139

Sanyo Xacti HD1010: 300fps video test with Jerry & Shasha. This is a High Definition 1080p pistol grip video camera with several unique features, including interchangeable lenses, manual controls, and of course, high-speed video capture. I’ve got a few lenses coming my way so I can try more creative shots. I got this camera from Amazon for $349.

7 thoughts on “Social Cyborg upgrades: GoPro Hero Cam + Xacti HD1010

  1. Woot!! I love the Sanyo Xacti!! We've been using it for every episode of Gear65, and people get so amazed by the quality they keep asking us what camera we used to shoot our shows!!

    1. Haha Dan, I'm glad I'm in good company! Let's not forget the best feature of all: Some of the Xacti cameras are really the cheapest prosumer HD cams around!

  2. Nice work there on cynernetically enhancing your equipment. You know, I am currently watching an entire series of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex episodes and I can't help thinking of how you could become the first human cyborg if that ever comes to pass.

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