Homemade Hainanese Chicken Rice for Singapore National Day

Homemade Hainanese Chicken Rice for National Day

To celebrate Singapore National Day alone in Buffalo, I decided to make Hainanese Chicken Rice so I wouldn’t forget what home tasted like. On the other hand, it’s also because Prissyhan’s specially packed PrimaTaste mixes were going bad. 😛

Twitter friends @jhsu, @BuffaloPundit, @nimbupani all approved of my semi-homemade creation. Even @ramblinglib made me play the Singapore National Anthem (.mp3) while feasting on my passable Chicken Rice.

UPDATE: If you’re craving Laksa, Char Kway Teow, or any traditional Asian delights in the States, a Singaporean mother in Georgia has started an online store offering various Singapore food products, including Prima Taste and Chng’s Kee, at SingaporeMalaysiaStore.com. She lets me know that her independent panel of Singaporeans and Malaysians helped her select items that are truly authentic and easy-to-make. Prices seem reasonable, and I’m glad that there’s hope for those of us in the smaller cities 😉

4 thoughts on “Homemade Hainanese Chicken Rice for Singapore National Day

  1. Hmmm … Prima Taste is one of our favourite ways to get some home-cooked Singaporean food here in Adelaide. 🙂 We have tried the Hainanese chicken rice and Singapore curry chicken so far. And they are quite close in taste to ones in Singapore. But nothing beats going to the nearest coffee shop to get the food.

    1. Isaak, Prima Taste is a lifesaver for those of us far from home (and any kopitiam). Wish they sold it internationally… I still had to have friends ship it over from Singapore.

    2. Thankfully, Prima Taste is quite readily available at the Asian/Chinese shops in Adelaide. Some of the bigger supermarket outlets have them as well.

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