theorycast.57 :: Social Media – Strategy Instead Of Tools @ PRSA Buffalo (Part 2)

As promised, here’s a video of the talk I gave yesterday at PRSA Buffalo/Niagara to kick off their Sunrise Seminar series.

Since it’s hard to see the slides in the video, view or download them from while watching me take fifty communication professionals on a thinking journey through the strategic uses of social media.

You can read the full background story and grab links to references from the talk in Part 1 of this blog series. Also see what others had to say via #PRSAtalk on twitter.

Meanwhile, here are some of the fine folks I got to meet yesterday…

Fine folks @ PRSA Buffalo
PRSA’s Jennifer on the left, while the girl closest to me is Jess Manocchio. Jess has been awesome for connecting me with the local PRSA chapter.

Fine folks @ PRSA Buffalo
Finally got to meet the amazing Rebecca Bernstein (@virtualr), mastermind behind the award-winning UB Web Team. I also got to meet Joe Brennan, Associate Vice President for University Communications at University at Buffalo. They plan to get UB more involved in the social media realm.

Fine folks @ PRSA Buffalo
@LarryRoth is president at BrandLogic Interactive, located in Rochester. He’s a swell guy on twitter too. ­čÖé

Fine folks @ PRSA Buffalo
Barbara Keough is Vice President of Operations at advertising agency Flynn & Friends, Inc. She’s invited me to join in one of their agency’s LOTs meetings (Learn On Thursdays).

Fine folks @ PRSA Buffalo
Kevin Manne (@k3v2) works for Catholic Charities as a Communications and Public Relations Specialist. He’s worked on all kinds of media, from print, to billboards, to television, and now he’s venturing into the realm of social media.

Fine folks @ PRSA Buffalo
Tessa Walker and Amy White chatted with me in length about how they were involved with the Obama campaign on the social web. They do great work at the Planned Parenthood of Western New York, which they explained had helped out on the campaign. I hope to learn more about their first-hand experience in what I’d believe is the most elaborate social media empowered national campaigns ever.

As I’ve mentioned over twitter (which got decent retweets): “Being rewarded for doing what you love is the best feeling in the world”. I love giving these talks because it’s a visceral, self-actualizing process. My lingering thoughts aren’t just shared, but fashioned by those willing to listen and talk to me about what they see as well. We’re essentially making sense of our crazy world together. ­čÖé

11 thoughts on “theorycast.57 :: Social Media – Strategy Instead Of Tools @ PRSA Buffalo (Part 2)

  1. Heh, I knew I made a goofy face for that picture but I didn't think it was *that* bad. I'll come by and we can take a new one ­čÖé

  2. Great sharing! Thanks for the post and video! Set through your entire presentation. Have to agree that rewarding fans techniques work. After a successful (giveaway) campaigns on Twitter and having grow the following, the brands should also have a strategy to retain and continue the conversations with the followers. The growing part is simple with rewards, tough one is what happens after that.

    1. Wow, thanks for sitting through the whole thing. Yes I said that exact thing. Sustaining a community can be tough especially if it's not designed to sustain itself in the first place (e.g. series of blogs). SquareSpace did the iPhone giveaway, grow from 1,000+ to 20,000+ followers in 4 days. After the campaign it tapered off. It might have met their objective of gaining more sign-ups though. The same went for the Obama social networking platforms where connected fans were wondering “what now” after the elections ended. I believe the Obama administration (and the fans) still use these spaces to rally for (and object to) various government policies.

  3. Kevin, I gotta get you a full sized cutout of yourself so you can bring it on the road and use it as a photo prop! -) I've yet to watch most of the presentation, but it sounds very interesting already!

    1. Brian, thanks for gracing me with your presence. Hope all is well with you. If you look at the slides alone (from Part 1), friends have told me that it's pretty self explanatory. Don't have to sit through the hour long video (do skip through it), though I've met friends who've saved it on their iPods!

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