serendipity: my best man’s toast

Kelvin & Alaina Wedding Napkin

I’ve never been huge on weddings, let alone imagine myself being anyone’s best man. That’s life taking us into unexpected places. Yet, instead of being consumed by change, we’ve to learn to ride it. This is perhaps the best quality I’ve seen from my friend, Kelvin (aka MrBig).

by Kevin Lim

As the “Best Man”,
I’d like to propose a toast
to the bride and groom

My name is Kevin,
which misses one letter
from me becoming
the groom’s doppleganger.

Even though I came to know Kelvin from undergrad,
we’ve actually come to realize
that we’ve crossed paths while serving in the military.

While history may have tricked us into being strangers
bunking just a corridor apart
Our missed connection certainly didn’t happen twice.
Look at us today, We stand as grand friends.

Such “near misses” were the start of many more,
From which I’ve come to know what defines
this humble man with deep compassion for others.

From Singapore to the oddest of places: Buffalo, NY.
Kelvin had recently found his place in Greenville, SC
through academic necessity, sheer talent and dumb luck.

With just one year of internship as a school psychologist,
Kelvin could have come and gone as most have,
But once again, he was denied the well-beaten path
for he was made not miss the greatest gift yet to come.

Enter Alaina.

Having known Alaina for a short while,
I’ve discovered that she shares Kelvin’s
“for better or for worse” traits.

They both embody a Singaporean quality,
known as being “Chin Cai”
Which roughly translates to
“Don’t sweat the small stuff”.

While you’d say it in five words,
We say it in two,
That’s the Asian efficiency (or laziness) for you
Something Alaina would certainly have fun learning in Singapore.

Finally, it would be loudly unforgiving
if I didn’t sound off how Alaina and Kelvin
demonstrated comparable talent of the musical tongue,
for it speaks volumes of their immensely shared frequencies together.

If I had to lose Kelvin to anyone,
I can’t imagine
a more perfect woman than Alaina.

Cheers to both of you.

Aside: Greenville, SC, is quite an interesting city. You can check out my photos or a quick video where I check out popular eateries including Sonic (drive-in) and Chik-Fil-A.