Twitter + Augmented Reality + Facial Recognition = Nineteen Eighty-Four?

Squidder's facetweet

While @briancaldwell of Squidder thinks that their latest creation reeks of “Big Brother / 1984” overtones, I beg to differ… it looks incredibly useful (and fun)!
Last month, they created these Augmented Reality Twitter Shirts…

It clearly combines twitter, augmented reality (Papervision) and of course, t-shirts. But it didn’t stop there… Brian once showed me their work in facial recognition through this Youtube “Video Faces” webapp.

So what they’ve done now is to use their face detection technique as a replacement for FLAR markers (those square tags), resulting in something that requires folks to bring nothing more than their faces… should we call this facetweets?

Would you be concerned by such technology?
While there may be privacy concerns, it could be useful in deliberate social settings. For instance, add a DIY photo registration component to this and you’ll have something fun to deploy at conferences, especially to show contextual information on speakers and participants over the camera/projector setup found at these places. It’s participatory too since participants could tweet whatever they wish to appear in their speech bubbles.

Another means would be to turn this into a camera/smart phone app so participants could bring up their cellphones as portable data HUDs (Heads-Up Display) whenever they come across someone they’re unfamiliar with. The key for me is to make the whole information sharing process opt-in and verifiable. What do you think?