Online Video Sharing for UB Educators

This is a 30min narrated version of the workshop

This morning at UB’s Teaching & Learning Center (TLC), I gave a 2 hour workshop introducing faculty and staff to online video sharing resources offered officially by various UB tech services, as well as unofficially by online video services such as Youtube and Viddler.

Here’s the workshop description:
Video is a visceral media for sharing knowledge and experience. While it can be exciting to produce and share videos with your class and fellow researchers, the process tends to be more time consuming compared to other media.

This introductory workshop takes you through the techniques of video sharing for UB instructors. Various forms of video formats and delivery systems will be discussed. Learn about shooting, editing and video output and sharing, be it on the web, in a presentation or on a DVD.

UPDATE: Joe Hsu pointed out a truly comprehensive article entitled “6 Things To Know About Video For The Web” by Viget Labs. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

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