Speaking @ PRSA Buffalo: Getting started with social media for PR practitioners (Pt.2)

PRSA Buffalo - Social Media Panel
Kara Kane, Anthony Dicembre of BuffaloMe.com and me after our PRSA panel

A nice turnout of about 80 public relations professionals showed up for our PRSA panel on social media today (see Part 1)! While we were each given 15min to infuse our knowledge and experience into the thirsty crowd, we ultimately took up 30min each. That left a mere 10min for Q&A. What can I say… Oops! ;D

Sorry no one took videos, but I did an audio recording of our presentations. To top it off, I’ve synchronized the audio with the Slideshare presentation below so you can now laugh along with the audience. Yes, apparently they found us funny. Only catch, syncing audio with the Shareshare presentation takes up a lot of my time (thus I only did mine), so I’ll only be linking to Kara’s and Anthony’s audio recording.

The diligent citizen journalists at WNYmedia have written up about our talk, with some pointed insights on the state of our local PR industry. Do read the comments for their article entitled “PR Professionals Have a Lot to Learn“.

Finally, to keep the conversation going, we’ve created a PR + Social Media learning group on BuffaloMe.com. Join Buffalo’s very own social networking service while finding peers from the PR industry.

While Anthony has made his slides downloadable, here are audio recordings of our three presentations shared via my favorite Soundcloud widget. You get to jump and comment on the parts you like: