Overheard at Buffalo Tweetup (Feb 7th @ Brennans)

In Your Face viewbase as iPhone tripod

On this wet Saturday evening, I brought @ChrisVanPatten to the Buffalo Tweetup and Sweetup where we caught up with @JMilles and @KristinaLively (just engaged!), @KeithBurtis (now also the @BestBuyRemix guy), @JohnCPiercy from Canada, @denidzo the anthropologist, @ScruffytheCat Lee and his wife Barb, and finally a 67 year old musician, @gerrygeetoday08.

From the chatter, we exchanged tips on new apps we’ve come across. John Piercy showed me some of the iPhone photo apps he’s been playing with, like the amazing Animoto for the iPhone. It’s not as good as the online version, but it’s getting there.

Keith mentioned how he was trying out BatchBook which is touted as an easy customer relationship manager (CRM) designed for small business owners. It helps you manage contacts from social networks, as well as to-dos and calendaring. I mentioned the upcoming Buffalo BarCamp and Keith noted how he would like to present something he discussed at Podcamp Toronto, namely his Social Media Funnel concept.

In Your Face viewbase as iPhone tripodInYourFace viewbase in the mail

I also did a bit of sharing myself, where I demo-ed the InYourFace viewbase which I use as a “tripod” for my iPhone. Since I enjoy shooting Qik videos from the iPhone, this way i can stream longer sessions such as interviews and presentations. If you’d like one, you can get $10 off the list price of $29 by entering this Macworld 2009 coupon code 5115.

socialcorp Oh I also gave Keith Burtis a copy of SocialCorp as a belated Christmas present. Since he once mentioned to me how he was helping to transition BestBuy into the social media realm, I thought this book might be useful. The book might be basic for geeks like us, but good for the uninitiated to buy-into the idea of online community engagement.

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