If Photography is a crime…

Colbert Report: Photography = Terrorism

While authoritarian pressure against public photography isn’t exactly new, this latest story does remind us how the conflict between freedom and security remains a contentious one.

Last night’s Colbert Report featured the story of professional photographer Duane Kerzic, who was arrested for trespassing at NYC’s Penn Station. According to journalist Carlos Miller, Duane was simply taking photographs of Amtrak trains for a contest, hosted by none other than Amtrak (hat tip K Peachey for the link).

If the basic right of public photography is treated as a crime, then in essence, terrorists win.

When Thomas Jefferson said that “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance”, he spoke for the rest of human history as the milieu remains as one of our greatest dilemmas. Indeed, even as I write my dissertation about Internet Censorship in China.

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