Macworld 2009: BoinxTV – elegant live video production for Mac

I’ve beta-tested it, loved it and even bought myself a sponsored edition for just $97 at Macworld Expo 2009. It’s normally $199 from their web site, with the full version being $499.

Why do I like BoinxTV so much?
Bastian, the video guru at Boinx Software, explains some of the key features of BoinxTV for live video production on the Mac.

BoinxTV’s slick interface, hardware flexibility (see how he uses a midi mixer for channel control), and extensibility (create show templates) won it over for me.

Being real-time means you get to stream shows live (e.g. via GrabberRaster) with multi-camera support, overlays, chroma keys (for green screen) and more. It also means we get to produce video podcasts on the fly, with literally no need for post-editing over than video encoding for targeted media players.

They’ve just released BoinxTV 1.1 and here’s hoping for a strong user community and support.

10 thoughts on “Macworld 2009: BoinxTV – elegant live video production for Mac

  1. Sounds good. It has some nice features. Like the fact that you get real time. Great for streaming shows live, which I like. Thanks for posting.

    1. Hello Bastian, glad to have finally managed to chat with you about how much I love BoinxTV. I hope to see more addons over time, and more tips on how we could extend it, such as recommended midi controllers and device mappings. Kepp up the great work! ­čÖé

    1. Bastian, did the general midi layer get scrapped. It has been over a year, and I do not see any news on this front. I believe that the ability to map any midi controller to controls on switching layers would be extremely beneficial and make boinxtv much more useful.

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