Tech65’s 100th episode cameo

Tech65 100th Episode Cameo from brainopera on Vimeo

Just a quick shout-out to the Tech65 crew for their upcoming 100th episode. This probably makes them the longest running (or only?) technology podcast in Singapore.

Tech65’s home boys (and one girl) include Daniel, DK, Farinelli, Hisham, Jerrick, Naveen, Nicole, NTT and Ryu.

If you’re in Singapore, feel free to join their 100th episode podcast party on Sat, 27th Dec at Geek Terminal. You’d better RSVP over here.

FYI: I originally posted this video on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Tech65’s 100th episode cameo

  1. Yeap, I’m also thinking that tech65 might be the longest podcast in Singapore. ­čÖé

    Too bad you can’t join us today.

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