Social Cyborg: Coming soon to Buffalo News

Buffalo News Videographer Joe - 1

Expect to see (hopefully) a Buffalo News article this weekend Monday involving the fearsome “Social Cyborg“.

Journalist Steve Watson, Photographer Charlie and Videographer Joe spent last Tuesday covering my ongoing project on the consequences of a hyperconnected person, aka the social cyborg. While it was appealing to get absorbed in the technology involved (i.e. wearable networked cameras), the more interesting angle was on how we negotiate the ambiguities of identity and privacy in this unforgivingly digital age.

Buffalo News Videographer Joe - 2

I must say that ever since I started this “social cyborg” project, I’ve gotten the snazziest quotes from friends seeing it for the first time. Blogger Brennan once mentioned how “behind this third eye lies a thousand more”, while Buffalo News videographer Joe said how those who don the backpack would become “real-world avatars” since netizens could see and help decide the wearer’s next move. I’ll yak and throw in more links once the article gets published.

Oh, and in the spirit of transparency (perhaps a signature of journalism 2.0), you can peek at how the interview went…

4 thoughts on “Social Cyborg: Coming soon to Buffalo News

  1. Kevin, congrats on the article! I’ll be watching for it this weekend in the News. Once next semester starts can I have a sit down with you about sources for info on nebulous identity in a digital world? My dissertation awaits you.

  2. Brennan, excellent chance to demonstrate the power of video as memory prosthetic. Forward 55 seconds into this video to hear yourself say that. Well, you actually said 10,000 eyes, not 1,000. My bad šŸ˜‰

    Denice, sure let me know when you’re ready. I’m interested to study identity formation in the online realm as well.

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