It’s almost 2009… what’s up with Kevin?

In the Qik video above, I’ll share a personal update on: A Singaporean Gift, Spending Christmas alone, Dissertation progress, the last Macworld in 2009, the Social Cyborg on Weekend Buffalo News, performing Self-Surgery on bump on inner lip, slow blogging for now.

A Singaporean Christmas gift

Opening up the care package from Singapore, I find a treat I’ve not tasted for more than a year. It’s “Bak Kwa“, which is like the sweet roasted version of American beef jerkies (it’s actually pork). This particular package I received even lets you soften the meat by dipping the individual sleeves into boiling water before eating.

Here’s a video demo showing you how I enjoy this doggie treat. Thank you @Prissyhan!

6 thoughts on “It’s almost 2009… what’s up with Kevin?

  1. Kevin, you said you will be having a post Christmas get together. This means that you will be alone on Christmas. I am not letting this happen. I am inviting you to please spend some time with my family. We will be having Christmas Dinner in the afternoon and I am not taking ‘no’ for an answer. As far as I am concerned there is n way your spending the day alone. Come to the house, have dinner, some dessert, and relax for a bit. Take your mind off the dissertation and enjoy the day.

    Your Friend

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