AIMS Report: Engaging New Media (Dec 2008) [Participatory Governance]

Engaging New Media (AIMS Report Dec 2008)

UPDATE: Coleman, our media socialists spokesperson, has provided our official press response to this latest AIMS report. In essence, “We appreciate that AIMS has taken our feedback and added it to their recommendations”. Besides our earlier AIMS submission, here’s our FAQ for further information.

Participatory governance in Singapore is finally reaching a new milestone, thanks to a newly released report from the Advisory Council on the Impact of New Media on Society (AIMS).

Pooling together the expertise of new media practitioners, academics, industry players, regulators as well as members of the public , this first AIMS report is the product of 18 months of research into the impact of new media on our society, as well as suggestions on how to manage them.

You can download the PDF report from the AIMS web site. If I weren’t writing my dissertation, I’d give a review of the report, so for now I’ll just whet your appetite by sharing the report’s table of contents:

p 2—3 Foreword
p 5—9 Introduction
p 11—25 Executive Summary

p 27—49
Chapter 1 E-Engagement
Trends in New Media
Why Engage Online?
Embarking on E-Engagement
Barriers to E-Engagement
Reasons for E-Engagement
Risk Assessment
Public Feedback
Recommendations Following Public Feedback

p 51—78
Chapter 2 Online Political Content
Review of Light-touch Policy
Online Election Advertising in Other Countries
Proposed Recommendations in the Consultation Paper
Public Feedback
Recommendations Following Public Feedback

p 80—107
Chapter 3 Protection of Minors
Risks to Minors
How are these Risks Managed?
The Key Lies in Education
What is Being Done in Singapore
Proposed Recommendations in the Consultation Paper
Public Feedback
AIMS’ Views
Recommendations Following Public Feedback

p 109—116
Chapter 4 Intermediary Immunity for Online Defamation
Essential Ingredients of Law of Defamation
Application of Law of Defamation to the Internet
Concerns Expressed to AIMS
Singapore’s Legal Position
Conferring Immunity to Intermediaries
Public Feedback
AIMS’ Views
Recommendations Following Public Feedback

p 118—215
Annex A: Composition of AIMS
Annex B: Stakeholders Consulted Before Consultation Paper Release
Annex C: Findings from AIMS Study on “Singaporeans and the New Media”
Annex D: Feedback Received during Engagement Exercise

p 217—224 Bibliography and References

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  1. hi kevin, this is totally off topic however i have a few questions:

    pownce is closing. compared to twitter, plurk and some other micro-blogging/micro social network sites, it looks like it failed. what do you think factored into that?

    Anivyls last blog post..the iphone frenzy

  2. This is so far over my head or in-depth that I’m having trouble getting my head around it at 9PM on a Wednesday. But I was pointed to this blog by a social media person I respect. Will try to keep up. Please keep up the good work.

    *On Pownce closure: I think too many other clients are out there and it might have been a streamlining move by Kevin Rose and a tactical move by Vox.

    Jeff Cutlers last blog post..A reporter walks onto Facebook and comes away not understanding social media.

  3. Anivyl: Sorry for the late reply. Busy with dissertation writing. Since Pownce was the only microblogging service I knew with a “Pro” subscription plan, it should have worked, but I don’t think we should consider it a closure. Remember: Pownce did get absorbed by SixApart, so it’s a buyout. I believe they might be integrating Pownce with Vox. That would be mega neat!

    Coleman: The arrow came eons ago. ;P

    Jeff: Welcome! May I ask who pointed you here? I must inform you that I’m on a blogging lull as I’m fighting for my dear life writing my dissertation. That takes priority before I can resume my normal blogging habits šŸ˜‰

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