A forgotten piece of personal history…

Ancient History: CaveTech Media Business Card

This ancient business card was sent to me courtesy of Nicholas Chan. Though I barely recalled ever meeting him, he said he knew me from long before and even managed to email me a forgotten piece of personal history:

A calling card from the first business I ever started in July 1995.

Back in the early ’90s when we had just received Internet connectivity in Singapore, my dad showed me a magazine article on how Americans were starting to publish on the web.

I thought to myself how it would be impossible for me to ever do that, especially since I couldn’t afford to own a web server, let alone pay for the bandwidth. This was until a technically savvy friend showed me what HTML was about and explained how we could rent web hosting space.

I quickly gathered my classmates and offered them an opportunity to make extra money while learning a new skill. I conducted basic HTML and design classes at my home, using a laptop and a large television screen to show them the web publication process.

Armed with basic web design skills, we formed a small agency with around ten employees forming two-man teams to take on various web design projects. The sales pitch would also involve educating clients on having online presence. As you can tell, there was a lot of giving involved (i.e. education), and the goodwill was what made us different.

The company was registered as CaveTech Media… it just sounded funny enough that I just went with it.

BTW: None of the contact info works today, including mailhost.net, one of the earliest free email providers I’ve known.

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  1. I remember Cavetech, somewhat… now that you mention it. Notice that the phone no doesn’t have a digit ‘6’ in front of it. Ancient (goes to show how long it has been)… lol.

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