Oh China… What, me worry?

China’s Andy Rooney Has Some Funny Opinions About How Great The Chinese Government Is

As I write about the Internet censorship practices of China, the methods of circumvention by dissidents, and the netizens caught in between yet empowered by being online, every step of the way is filled with a bitter sense of irony. China is about the balance between modernization and tradition, and this cultural milieu was no better played in this ever satirical episode of The Onion News. Kudos!

Update 1: Was just reading the Dec ’08 issue of WIRED when I came across the Fake News Index chart. Maps out our satire media landscape alone the dimensions of Comedy, Slaptick, Commentary and Sophisticated. If you’re wondering, Colbert’s more slappy while Stewart is more sophisticated.

Update 2: Check in on my dissertation progress through this Qik video.