Panorama: Top Floor of NSC @ UB [processed using Hugin]

Panorama: Top floor of Natural Science Complex

Panorama: Top floor of Natural Science Complex

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In my earlier post, I showed you how you could capture and process panoramas automatically on your iPhone.

Elia Diodati reminds me that for the rest of us without iPhones or wish for higher quality panoramas, try using the open-source panorama stitcher, Hugin. Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Above is a panorama I created from the fifth floor of the Natural Science Complex in UB North Campus, back in early October. Shots were taken using my iPhone, then automatically stitched together using Hugin on my Mac.

As you can see, unlike the horizontal “Panorama” for iPhone, Hugin allows for more complex shots, where it merged photos taken both vertically and horizontally.