Panorama: Flint Loop @ UB [entirely processed on the iPhone]

Nice day at UB (panorama)
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Only after my third or fourth try did I manage to finally manage to capture a full panorama on the iPhone without crashing. I’ve been exploring alternative modes of capturing the moment, and panoramas are still pretty neat to me.

What’s even neater is how this entire panorama was shot and automatically stitched with “Panorama” by the iFone guys.

Amazing how much processing power we have in our pockets nowadays.

3 thoughts on “Panorama: Flint Loop @ UB [entirely processed on the iPhone]

  1. Elia, I’ve used Hugin before and YES, it is fantastic. HOWEVER, the point of this is to show how “Panorama” does it all for you on the iPhone.

    It’s like a lighter version of Hugin. No laptop or desktop computers necessary; just snap and the iPhone computes the stitching of photos on its own.

    The dark spot was the iPhone limited camera compensating for the sun’s glare; some found that it made the photo more interesting.

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