Facebook Strategies Workshop 2.0 [Freshly Presented]

Facebook Strategies Workshop 2.0

Back in February, I presented a workshop entitled “Facebook Strategies for the Classroom“. Looking back, it didn’t seem to have the “strategy” that was promised.

This afternoon, in collaboration with UB Librarians Bridget Schumacher and Karen Walton Morse, we presented our new and improved Facebook Strategies workshop to 32 participants, ranging from research faculty to administrative staff.

We first took into account their workshop expectations, which could be summarized into 1) Marketing techniques, 2) Building communities, 3) Privacy / Security, and 4) Motivating quality academic work.

Second, we took our real-life Facebook outreach experience and laid them out as viable case studies as seen in the agenda above.

Judging from the evaluations, I think the workshop was well-rounded, hitting the right notes. However, some of our sections might have been shortened to keep interests going. I particularly enjoyed sharing personal stories, especially on the privacy aspect of Facebook.

No, there are no slides, no video or audio recordings, just the agenda which has links for your convenience. If you’d like to know more, just join in our Facebook group and take note of the links on the Discussion Board.

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