New York Times “Obama”

New York Times: OBAMA

While today’s newspapers were flying off the rack, the New York Times in particular went as high as US$600 on eBay. For all the obvious reasons, this is stupendous history in the making.

Since I didn’t want to accumulate more physical junk, I took a photo of the NYT instead of keeping a copy. Herein lies an ironic quote from CNN…

At New York’s Port Authority bus terminal, Ralston Montaque grabbed 30 copies of the Times for family and friends. “Everybody has to read (the news), brother,” he said, “Say what you want about the Internet replacing printed newspapers, but saving a copy of a Web page on a disk isn’t the same.”

I’m happy living in my deconstructed world of Ones and Zerosthe desert of the real.

UPDATE: Newseum compiles the Obama newspaper front pages from around the world. Quite a visual feast! Also, take note of, a new web site from our new President-Elect which seems to show shows of a new participatory kind of American government.