theorycast.49 :: The U.S. Election 2008 Special

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With Nov 4th 2008 being Election Day, I chat with friends who voted around the University at Buffalo. I listened to their personal experiences at the polling stations, how they tracked the U.S. elections, and what they thought of mainstream media coverage. Here are their personal stories.

Update: Congratulations to Barrack Obama on being the 44th President of the United States. His heartfelt victory speech warned of a rough journey ahead and humbly asked for citizens to help him improve America. McCain gave a classy concession speech, bridging the differences and promising to continue working hard for the country he loves.

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  1. Here’s the update on my voting experience (cross posted on FaceBook):

    I went around 7 pm last night. No real line, but I had the same problem with the different district tables not being marked and the district “cheat sheets” that the workers had being incorrect (I had my postcard from the BofE so I was able to get to get it sorted out).

    In any case, I was number 493 for our district. Apparently there are about 700 potential voters in our district and the guy manning our table mentioned that usually only 200-something people actually come out to vote.

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