Apple’s 24″ LCD is “almost dockable” with MacBook Pro

Apple's 24" LCD is "dockable" with MacBook Pro

The new Apple lineup, including the 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro, might be showstoppers, but the simplest yet impressive innovation I’ve seen comes the new Apple 24″ LCD screen.

Apparently Apple’s 24″ LCD has a symbiotic relationship with the MBP. It’s turns the MBP into a “desktop” setup just by joining three cables from the LCD, namely the Mini DisplayPort, USB, and MagSafe power cable.

While there’s no real interlocking between hardware, this “dockable” feature is nevertheless a real timesaver for dual screen users like me. I actually bought an additional power adapter that’s a permanent desk fixture, just so that I don’t have to dig and crawl around with one everytime I switch from mobile to desktop mode.

You can read about this feature at the bottom of the MacBook Pro “Graphics” page.

4 thoughts on “Apple’s 24″ LCD is “almost dockable” with MacBook Pro

  1. I totally agree. The extra power supply makes all the difference especially if you bring the same computer from work to home everyday. I also have 2 power supplies for my phone.

  2. The new cinema display is great. Suddenly I feel like buying a Macbook and a cinema display and throw away my iMac and Thinkpad. Haha.

    I think the folding 3 pin plug doesn’t make any big difference. The problem is with the power brick. If only someone could come up with a smaller and lighter powerbrick.

    DKs last blog post..Can’t take my mind off you

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