Panoramic shooting with PanoLab

UB panorama shot
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Okay so it’s not the best looking panorama you’ve seen, but if you notice carefully, to take this shot I had to be “floating” just outside the 8th floor of the Natural Sciences Building on UB North Campus.

Wanna try? If you have an iPhone, you have to get the free PanoLab app (iTunes link).

First, note that what the PanoLab app does isn’t exactly new; my Canon Ixus 330 from the late ’90s had similar panoramic-shooting capability built-in. However, it’s clever given that camera phones ubiquitous, as well as how it utilizes the iPhone’s multi-touch feature for arranging shots.

Hey, don’t just take my word for it… check out the growing PanoLab flickr pool of tasty panoramas all shot with the iPhone’s craptastic built-in camera.

Moral of story: It’s not the technology that matters… it’s the driver.