Making silky smooth videos with the affordable Hague Mini Motion Cam

Hague Mini-Motion Cam

Earlier yesterday, I asked friends to guess a new contraption via a broken up photoone guy tweeted right: It’s a kind of steadicam.

What’s a steadicam?
You can read how it works in this great guide, but in essence, it’s a a camera rig which lets you achieve smooth tracking videos with minimal vibrations. If balanced right, it’ll feel as if the camera were floating independently of the camera-person.

I first learned about the Hague Mini Motion Cam (MMC) from a Canon HV20/30 forum, complete with pricing and test videos to boot.

While decent handheld steadicams go from $800 up, there are lots of cheaper alternatives, including building your own for $14. Factoring in the effort, cost and performance, I found the Hague option to be in my sweet spot. Shipped in just 2 days from the UK, this contraption does wonders for budding videographers at a small price (about US $100).

The only thing you have to realize is that finding the right balance of weights isn’t easy, but once you figure out the ideal camera and weight distribution, you’ll be a step closer to professional videography heaven.

Here are my first test videos with the Hague MMC…

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  1. Yo, you should experiment with a skateboard dolly or something like that as well – if someone was pushing you, I bet it would be extra silky smooth

  2. Hi, I'm trying to get this in the Hague Mini-Motion Cam in the States, can you tell me where you got yours. Thanks.

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