Playing the Wallstreet Bailout Game, by Rep. “Marcy” Kaptur

So you’ve probably heard of the U.S. government’s incredible $700 billion bailout plan…

If not, my buddy Chris Barr pointed out a neat play-by-play of this year’s biggest financial mess. Indeed, this massive bailout has made many of us realize the socialistic impression it signals for America.

While we get lost in the confusion of political bureaucracy, in comes democratic representative “Marcy” Kaptur with an arousing congress address which she dubs as the “Let’s Play Wallstreet Bailout“. While we won’t know for sure if the bailout plan will work, Rep. Marcy effectively deconstructs what makes this $700 billion bailout so wrong, then sets up a step-by-step plan to get it sorted right. And she clocks it all in under five minutes.

It’s people like Marcy who inspire me to help humanize the game of politics (and to do so, passionately). If you dig her style, take a look at her transcript now available online.

4 thoughts on “Playing the Wallstreet Bailout Game, by Rep. “Marcy” Kaptur

  1. while reading this entry i feel sad with the current econmic situation. so many people and families are bound to suffer if the government will not act. i know its a expensive thing to do and tax payer’s money is going to be spend by sheds but if it works this might just be the thign which might stop the recession. there are many countries in the recent past that have been facing similar crisis and the same interventions have been the helping point.
    so what i feel is that we need to have faith in these bad times

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