Interview with ex-Singabloodypore writer: Jonathan Chong

One of the most compelling reasons why I blog is so that I get to meet interesting people like Jonathan Chong. While in Buffalo for a mutual friend’s wedding, we met up over dinner where I forced had him share his experience as an ex-writer for the infamous Singapore socio-political (or dissident) blog, Singabloodypore.

Lots of interesting stories from the blogging hey-days were traded, including the tale of how Steven McDermott’s “infantile bloggers” meme came about. Thanks to Qik live viewer Alphoso for asking about Obama, where Jon shared that he actually sat next to him on his recent Newark flight in the plane next to Obama’s on the same runway (Ed: Erm yeah…).

Off video, I talked to Jon on my view that despite healthy political discussions and the liberalization of online political content in Singapore, I still worry for our younger generation’s political apathy:

Will it take another generation before Singaporeans can fully come to terms with engaging our government freely without fear?

As you’ll see from these student responses, I do believe that this “fear” is really turning into a chief excuse (or mental reflex) for many not to participate in active citizenry. Perhaps it’s the price, the spillover effect if you must, of a mono-party government and its highly efficient political control after all these years.

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