Dailylinks: Why send money to people trying to kill you?

Why send money to people trying to kill you?
A not-so-subtle reminder of why the war is fought, from your friendly neighborhood Sunoco Gas Station.




  • EFF to ISPs and Content Owners: Do Your Part to Protect Political Speech | Electronic Frontier Foundation – Here are examples of free political speech being block in the U.S. As the country enters the most "wired" election season to date, EFF and the ACLU of Northern California strongly encourage online service providers (OSPs) and content owners to take special care to safeguard free speech. Copyright claims, trademark claims, and alleged terms of use violations can be misused to silence critics and stifle political dialogue online. Even temporary takedowns can harm open debate, as political speech depends on the spirit of the moment and the rapidly evolving arguments of the participants.
  • EFF: Veoh Decision Could Save Muxtape and Friends | Listening Post from Wired.com – When a Northern California judge Howard R. Lloyd handed down a decision on Wednesday in favor of the video sharing site Veoh, after it had been accused by IO Group of hosting ten of that company's pornographic movies without permission, he may have provided mix sharing sites like Muxtape with a blueprint for legality.
  • The Creative Commons and Copyright Protection in the Digital Era: Uses
    of Creative Commons Licenses
    – This study explores whether Creative Commons (CC) licenses are a viable solution for copyright protection in the digital era. Through a mixed-methods approach involving a web-based survey of CC licensors, a content analysis of CC-licensed works, and interviews, the study characterizes CC licensors, the ways that CC licensors produce creative works, the private interests that CC licenses serve, and the public interests that CC licenses serve.


  • Unmanned-On-Unmanned Vehicular Combat In Iraq – Unmanned systems destroying other unmanned systems is now a reality following the destruction by an MQ-9 Reaper of a remotely controlled car carrying an explosive device in southeast Iraq. This is the next stage of war.
  • Camerahead Project has its “Eyes” on surveillance – The Camerahead Project is presented through the eyes of 10 Camerahead agents, and the images they record. The project not only raises the questions of who is watching who, and who is watching the watchers, but also asks questions of why we are being watched at all.
  • Features of the new SAF combat uniform – Camouflage is an important element in military tactics. With today’s advanced surveillance equipment and weapon optics, soldiers face a greater risk of detection in combat. Recognising this, the Army and the Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) have jointly developed a new SAF combat uniform with an enhanced camouflage pattern to reduce detection – based on the science of human visual performance and visual biophysics. Besides an enhanced camouflage pattern, the new SAF combat uniform also consists of better quality fabric and an ergonomic functional design.