StartupSchwag #11: Wearing my FriendFeed t-shirt

StartupSchwag #11

Ripped open my StartupSchwag #11 yesterday, which contained an awesome FriendFeed t-shirt (it’s a keeper!), some stickers from Twiddla, Shoutlet, PeekYou,,,, as well as a pretty useless flyer for a fan-drive music site, (come on… get more creative!).

Last month, my StartupSchwag #10 included 1 of 50 pieces of Zivity t-shirts (uber-exclusive!), which I eventually bartered with MixieMoxie for a revealing theorycast interview.

3 thoughts on “StartupSchwag #11: Wearing my FriendFeed t-shirt

  1. Saw the Twiddla sticker on your post, didn’t know what it was, so I searched for it. Turned out to be a really cool web app, so I made it this week’s byte of the week on 65bits! Thanks!

  2. Its interesting to see how social media companies are using more traditional paper and cloth-based means to get the word out there, and giving it an element of cool to boot! Somehow, this doesn’t quite catch on as much in Singapore. Perhaps it is time to introduce some hip geekery in our wardrobe.

    Walters last blog post..Wanted: Social Media Responses to the AIMS Report

  3. @Daniel: That’s great! Which reminds me, perhaps I should return to blogging my links. Friends found that useful.

    @Walter: Well, it’s geek culture to show off your technological allegiance. Pride and marketing all rolled into one.

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