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Pimping his spanking new Nokia n96, Singapore’s “non-political” blogger MrBrown now rolls deep with Qik. You can find him at, while I’m at Since being inspired by PM Lee’s use of Qik at his National Day rally, MrBrown has also documented his bike ride shortcut to work.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Qik because it is literally quick! No more recording on camera, transferring to computer, then uploading to Youtube… all you need is a cameraphone with 3G or WiFi. Easy enough that even the Prime Minister could do it.

For those of us with iPhones, simply jailbreak it and download Qik through Cydia under the Multimedia section. In one fell sweep, Qik solves the problem of the lack of video recording on the iPhone, since we’re now able to record and broadcast live on Qik servers.

4 thoughts on “MrBrown rolls deep with

  1. Wow~the Nokia N96 looks awesome!
    But I’m looking forward to the SonyEricsson X1.(also known as XPERIAā„¢ X1)
    So,hey kevin how do you like it?
    P.s At the nearly end I heard he said “??”! Funny! šŸ˜€

  2. Preetam: Flixwagon actually developed and released earlier for iPhone, but Qik I believe has more users on it.

    Wayne: Nokias are decent, but my wish came true when they managed to make Qik / Flixwagon for iPhone.

    Straydog: Not sure why you had such a bad experience with Qik. If you watch MrBrown’s clips, they look pretty good even while he was biking. Would be neat if you could do the same when you travel around Europe, provided data rates aren’t too expensive!

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