Qik showcased by Singaporean Prime Minister at National Day Rally

In his National Day Rally 2008 Speech today, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong explained how his Singapore government has been, and will continue to, interact with citizens through new media on the Internet.

Among significant developments in new media and local politics (which I hope to talk in-depth later), a highlight included the Singaporean Prime Minister demonstrating the power of Qik by filming his audience. Qik lets anyone stream live video while being captured on compatible cellphones (e.g. Nokia n95, iPhone 3G, plus many more).

Being a social cyborg, I’m a huge fan of this video service. I’ve previously used Qik to stream and share my local high school address on using Wikipedia in academia, in hopes of teaching young students how to use online resources responsibly (as opposed to plagiarism).

It’s disruptive technologies like these that give citizens an immensely emotive voice in expressing themselves online, be it for reporting on critical events or sharing the everyday trivialities that make up our social fabric.

I first got wind about the Prime Minister using Qik two days ago via Qik co-founder Bhaskar Roy. If you’re interested in seeing the actual footage streamed by the Prime Minister, here it is on Qik. There seems to be no sound though.

Credit goes to Channel NewsAsia for sharing the National Day Rally footage online so that those of us living internationally can participate online, as the Prime Minister has subtly hinted.

Aside: Plenty of issues were raised at the NDR, but I’m less concerned about the baby-making portion of his speech. Winning Olympic medals for the first time in 48 years is pretty cool.

7 thoughts on “Qik showcased by Singaporean Prime Minister at National Day Rally

  1. Hey Kevin,

    Haha, for once LHL looks pretty cool with that on his hand!! Thanks for posting this up!! You can now grab me at my qik email anytime…


  2. Rinaz, that’s what happens when our friends don’t have Gravatars. We should show them how to get one, and help make the web a prettier place. ­čśŤ

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