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DEFCON16 mosaic
Click to see entire DEFCON photo set: Skip Day 0 and head to Day 1 and 2!

Here’s the complete leak of photos and videos I’ve shot from DEFCON 16 in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Firstly, you won’t even begin to imagine what I had to go through to take these. Chased by DEFCON goons twice, and nearly kicked out once, I’ve to say that the only reason why I could do this was because of the mutual respect I had for the DEFCON goons. Flea, one of the bigger security honchos at DEFCON, told me about the “rules of engagement” and advised me to get a Press Badge. It’s really to play fair with attendees, some of whom may prefer to participate quietly. In truth I would love to simply sign on as Press, but for the past three days I was there, I couldn’t locate the person in charge. Since then, I would ask for permission from anyone before taking their picture, most of whom obliged.

As a safety measure, I’ve liquified faces and removed photos with sensitive information (like the Hacker CTF competition). After all, this is the real deal with hackers coming in from all over the world. Criminals, researchers, government agents, it doesn’t matter; Anonymity is king in DEFCON, unless you’re pwned on one of the world’s most hostile networks… then all your base are belong to us.

Rather than embargo my media until I write elaborately about my incredible experience there (in an upcoming blog post), I’ll just share whatever I’ve got first while they’re fresh. I’ll dive into the details over the next few blog posts as there’s just way too much to cover in one swift motion.

Think of this as watching the DVD extras before watching the actual DVD feature; an alternative way of sense-making the actual story. The Youtube video widget below is an interactive playlist, just let it play continuously, or roll your mouse over the video to pick a clip.

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  1. In twitter, it seems you asked, ( what is ) on August 17.
    It is a riddle/puzzle, and was briefly discussed here:

    The badge 2d “barcode” revealed the URL you found.
    Visiting that URL gives you the next step in the puzzle …

    Did you solve this puzzle yet?

    I know some people have solved it, but so far, only one user has claimed to have solved it, according to google.

    (Also, it looks like your php script is having problems. 2-3 pages of PHP errors appeared after posting this a few moments ago.)

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