Heading for DEFCON 16 in Vegas… here’s what I’m packing!

After a poke from my friend Shady, I decided to book a last minute flight to join him in Las Vegas for DEFCON 16.

It’s going to be an eye-opener for me, with everything hackable under the sun put to the test; from botwars to lockpicking contests, warballooning (airborne surveillance baby!) to Spot the Fed, Phreaking to Eee PC mods, the list goes on.

I’m bringing my gear of course… and as you’ll see in the video, I’m packing really packing some heat! I’ll be reporting whatever I find interesting (might mean everything!) so stay tuned to this travelogue.

BTW: Here’s an exclusive look at this year’s hackable DEFCON conference badge It’s pure art.

5 thoughts on “Heading for DEFCON 16 in Vegas… here’s what I’m packing!

  1. Wow, who knew I could be so persuasive.

    It’s funny, but the last time I went to defcon I didn’t even bring my laptop with me to the conference floor. Color me paranoid, but it’s been called “the worlds most hostile network” and I believe it. Wait until you see the wall of shame.

  2. I suppose getting pwned by hackers could take on a whole new meaning, if you were a cyborg at Defcon. Been wondering if you got in, packing all those cameras… Looking forward to some reports!

  3. Shady: no comment

    Derek: As you’ve guessed, I’ve been in trouble with the DEFCON security goons twice. Bordered on being kicked out, but there was mutual respect on both sides so I’m good. Will be posting details (photos + videos) from DEFCON once I’ve filtered through for sensitive material (e.g. black hat hackers).

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