What if: Star Trek vs. Star Wars

StarTrek.sg vs. StarWars.sg

Star Trek facing off Star Wars? From Siva, I learned about this cleverly orchestrated joint blood donation campaign held in Singapore last year. Just check out their realistic sick bay photos…

But that’s not all. I did a quick search on Youtube and also discovered this old gem (Photoshop 7 era!)…

If you asked me, I’m definitely more of a Star Trek Federation fan. Their entire civilization supersedes ours, by fusion of technology, economics and culture. As I’ve mentioned in the Second Life CopyBot incident

In the fictional Star Trek universe, a replicator is a machine capable of converting energy into matter and vice-versa. A replicator can create any inanimate matter, as long as the desired molecular structure is on file, but it cannot create antimatter, dilithium, or a living organism of any kind. From personal memory of Star Trek lore, after such a machine was invented, currency as we knew it ceased to be function. Since everyone had the capability to create (replicate) anything they desire, capitalism as we knew it died, and the new dawn of perfect Marxian philosophy was adopted by the Federation.

Aside: I’ve been busy with my dissertation writing so light blogging for now. I’m hanging on to several interviews which I’ve yet to edit before sharing. Stay tuned.

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