Plurk & Zivity t-shirts in StartupSchwag 10

Plurk & Zivity T-shirts from StartupSchwag 10

As you can see, the Plurk t-shirt was the best schwag in this month’s StartupSchwag bag. Zivity’s not too bad, but it’d be better for a girl I think (it’s a crowdsourced modelling site).

You do have to fork out $14.95/month subscription for StartupSchwag’s mystery bag, but at least the comfy t-shirts are from American Apparel. While not all the startup stickers might be worth your while, you sometimes get keychains, caps, badges, and other goodies as well. Last month’s batch was a little dull, so thankfully they made up for it by throwing in TWO t-shirts this time. These geek t-shirts tend to run between $10 to $15 alone! 🙂

StartupSchwag pays homage to ValleySchwag, which I had a lot of heart for. Here are the kinds of schwag I’ve gotten back in the ValleySchwag days.

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