theorycast.45 :: Mouse in the Air – The GyroTransport Pro

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Want a mouse that works in the air, like a Nintendo Wii controller?
Perhaps Gyration’s GyroTransport Pro is the answer.

Here’s a demo of the portable wireless air mouse working with XBMC Media Center for the Mac (now known as Plex). You’ll see that for a $130+ input device, it still needs some help working on a Mac…

I’ve yet to try it using third-party mouse drivers, like SteerMouse or ControllerMate (I mentioned USB OverDrive, but that’s way old), so let me know if anyone’s got preferences on which I should try. I’ll do a follow up in the comments.

Aside: The music sampled the video comes from The Lovemakers, the dance track being Whine & Dine.

5 thoughts on “theorycast.45 :: Mouse in the Air – The GyroTransport Pro

  1. The design isn’t very good. Like you mentioned, its hard to drag. (Something that we do frequently)

    Perhaps they should change the design abit. Instead of using the thumb to press the movement button, why not change the button position to below the “mouse” so that it’s your index finger that is controlling the movement button.

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  2. DK, you’re right. I believe that the typical desktop version has a trigger below which makes it easier to handle. This smaller model has a USB receiver / flash memory below, which took up the space.

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