my stealth watch: The Nike Amp

Watches have a cybernetic relationship with man. To some of us, it’s our second skin and it adds to our ability to sense / measure time.

With the Nike Amp watch (debuted Oct 2007), it got that that much cooler, with an invisible face that depicts the time through an animated LED display. You’ve got to watch the video to see what I mean.

Nike Amp+ WatchNike Amp+ Watch

The Nike Amp is intended to control your Nike iPod+ Sport Kit wirelessly, but I got it more for its minimal yet detailed design. Besides, it was on sale at BestBuy for $64! Unboxing photos after the jump…

Nike Amp+ WatchNike Amp+ WatchNike Amp+ WatchNike Amp+ WatchNike Amp+ WatchNike Amp+ Watch

4 thoughts on “my stealth watch: The Nike Amp

  1. Hi! no one on the web has answered if there is any hack for making this watch work with your iphone, specially when the new firmware and 3G work perfects with nike+. Hey, btw, I’m a comunication major too from Chile (southamerica) and I’m looking for more studies abroad, how u.suny is? thanks a lot!

    andresuss last blog post..Apple quiere que actualices tu iPhone.

  2. bart + andresus: I haven’t found a way to get it to work with the iPhone. Arguably, the iPhone can do everything the other iPods can, except for the Nike+ feature. Gizmodo has further details about this, hopefully useful for anyone attempting to perform such a hack.

  3. hey thanks for answering. Yeah its funny that doesn’t works with the iPhone, and even more curious that there hasn’t been any hack around the web… Anyhow,hopefully they’ll launch soon enough something similar. Bests

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