Buffalo Tweetup #3: Making a living thru video podcasting

Here’s one of the conversations at Buffalo Tweetup #3, where Keith Burtis discusses how sponsorships work on video podcasts.

Like Keith, I’ve also felt how the social media scene is about to break out of the niche activity its pleasantly been so far. Like a low hanging fruit, anyone interested in making a living from it might have an easier time now than when the commercial storm hits (I’d say it has already). In retrospect, that’s how valuable we users are, even as explorers, not necessarily experts.

Besides all that business talk, we chatted about open-source twitter (identi.ca), tweetdeck (a clustering twitter client) and a few other Buffalo community related happenings like Buffalo Homecoming 2008.

Organized at Allen Street Hardware Cafe (Google map), I had a tasty, cosy time with my neighborhood twitter-ers. The gumbo was to die for as you’ll see in the photos below!

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