Flowgram on Shopping Social Networks: A Look at Shoplette.com

Click on the Flowgram slideshow above to play. I did a quick comparison of popular shopping-related social networking services, then zero in on Singapore-based Shoplette.com and their Google map integration.

I believe that Singapore has a unique shopping experience where being geographically small means that individuals would rather buying from brick & mortar stores than to purchase online (i.e. wasting time and money shipping). The location-awareness of items shared on Shoplette adds a touch of cultural relevance to Singapore users.

As seen in my flowgram above (first time user), I gave two suggestions for the beta service:

  1. Bring mapping to the forefront of the service. Have it display items on a map, rather than show the map within item pages.
  2. Focus on Singapore users. Localize the service to a point where specific needs are met (e.g. bounding the map entries to Singapore, recommend popular places to shop)

Since I’m trying out both services, let me know what you think of Shoplette.com, as well as Flowgram which I’ve used for this overview.

5 thoughts on “Flowgram on Shopping Social Networks: A Look at Shoplette.com

  1. Hey,

    I recently came across the entry you wrote some time ago about alternative scholarships that take you overseas, and I could use some advice on how to go about looking and applying for them. I have been trying and have not been very successful, admittedly.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    Thank you ­čÖé

  2. Olivia: Responded to you via email.

    Waihoe: It is. I live near Holland Village. Doesn’t it bring back memories? ­čÖé

  3. Oh man, it sure does bring back memories. I used to live in Holland Close which just a brisk 5 minute walk to Holland Village. My uncle operates a photo shop over there, called Joo Ann Foh. You may have seen it if you go there often.

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