Posterous: Blog via email, complete with media attachments

Kenneth Pinto recently tipped us off about Posterous. I’ve heard of it before, but I passed it off as just a gateway from email-to-blog (which most blog platforms support).

Boy was I wrong.

The magic of Posterous lies in how it handles media attachments in your “blog” email. As Kenneth puts it:

  • Post one photo, and Posterous resizes it to fit the blog.
  • Post a bunch of photos, Posterous creates a mini gallery.
  • Post a document, spreadsheet or pdf, Posterous embeds it in the post using Scribd’s iPaper (don’t worry what this is, the process is entirely invisible – you just email the attachment).
  • Post a YouTube URL, Posterous automatically embed the video.
  • Post an mp3 file, Posterous creates an embedded mp3 player in the post for the file.

All this just by clicking Send.

According to their FAQ, it’s automatically display file formats including Microsoft Word (.doc), Powerpoint (.ppt), Adobe PDFs, Images (.jpg, .gif, .png) and Audio (.mp3).

Since you manage everything through email, there’s a lot of potential for this for mobile users since email is still more ubiquitous than web access.

What’s even better is that for folks who don’t care for blogs, they don’t even need to register. Posterous tracks posts based your email address and knows which blog address to assign them! Also, subscribing to blogs within Posterous is easy enough that they don’t even need to know what RSS is.

My Wishlist for Posterous:
1. Videos be automatically processed using Youtube API
2. Google Map links be turned into map embeds

Siva has been kicking the tires around Posterous, so take a peek at his blog.

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