Omnisio: Video Annotations with Slideshow Syncing (It’s Awesome!)

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Here’s my test of Omnisio using a popular presentation of mine…

Keeping tabs on the online video sharing scene, I came across a new video sharing service called Omnisio. Dabbling with it for a while, I found plenty of reasons to be excited…

Essentially, Omnisio does two things:
1) Share compilations of videos complete with on-screen annotations
2) Synchronize video with slideshows, side-by-side

You can upload and import videos, create playlists (what they call compilations) and add your own on-screen annotations (so can viewers). Another feature includes syncing together a video with a relevant presentation. This solves a major issue for me, in showing videos of my talks yet having the clarity of the slides by the side.

Omnisio: Syncing Video with Presentation Slideshow

For a better view of the this on Omnisio, I’ve put together one of my popular presentations from Nov 2006 entitled The Rise of Us, which is about how organizations work on the social web.

As mentioned earlier, Omnisio plays well with various online video and presentation services, allowing you to import media from Youtube, Google Video, as well as Since I use these services, a mere import later and I got my synced video + presentation combo done in less than 15mins. That’s awesome!

Do mouse around the video as there are plenty of interaction points. You can add on-screen comments at any time, or jump to particular slides (which jumps the video timeline accordingly). If the user annotations irritate you, you can filter them off from the right overlay menu (i.e. show owner’s or guests’ comments only). Youtube recently added video annotations too, but so far, only Omnisio lets viewers plug their annotations as well (if you allow them).

On some of the Omnisio videos, user annotations were all over the place (which is quite funny). If you think seeing a plethora of user comments spewed all over the video is seems mindless, you can thank the crazy 2chan subculture for that. Specifically, it probably originated from “Nico Nico Douga“, an extremely popular Japanese video mashup service known for the user annotation madness meme. It’s collaborative art to me actually…

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    I’m glad you like Omnisio. Please do let us know how we can make it better – we love hearing user feedback.


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