theorycast.43 :: Assembling the EVO LCD Arm

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In theorycast episode 41, I reviewed the Cricket laptop stand from This week, LCD Arms marketing manager Joe Tosolt was kind enough to send me their signature EVO LCD Arm for my 24″ SOYO screen.

Assembling the EVO LCD Arm - 06Assembling the EVO LCD Arm - 02

When my package first arrived, I was surprised by how small the shipping box was. Thinking how heavy duty these LCD arms had to be, I expected something much bigger and heftier. In keeping with its minimal design, the EVO LCD arm felt tough yet elegant with it’s brushed metal finish. Little details such as the two smoke translucent elastic clasps help keep your video cables tidy.

Assembling the EVO LCD Arm - 15Assembling the EVO LCD Arm - 16

Earlier on, I was concerned about the impact of an LCD arm on my workspace. No drilling was required, and the EVO’s desk clamp even had a decet amount of felt and rubbery pads to protect your desk’s wood finish from being damaged. The entire assembly took me half an hour, where most of the time was spent taking apart my SOYO LCD screen’s built-in stand and adding on the VESA compliant mount for the LCD arm.

Assembling the EVO LCD Arm - 09Assembling the EVO LCD Arm - 10

Once everything was plugged in and switched on, I sat down to take in the sight. Admittedly, it took a little getting used to having a screen that could float around at will. I started flexing the EVO LCD arm in every way imaginable; from turning my screen into a overhead display (kinda like a H.U.D.), to making it low and flat like a graphing table (if only I could afford a multi-touch screen), to my current favorite configuration, the massive portrait mode which was perfect for web browsing without the need for scrolling!

Assembling the EVO LCD Arm - 18Assembling the EVO LCD Arm - 20

I took plenty of photos of my assembly process, but I think the most important one would be how my workspace looks right now. Of course, I ended up tidying up my desk too, but more notably is the smaller footprint the EVO LCD Arm had on my desk compared to my LCD screen’s built in stand…

Assembling the EVO LCD Arm - 24

The EVO LCD Arm breathed new life into my otherwise static LCD screen. Since I use it for everything, from browsing long web pages, video editing, watching movies, playing Xbox video games, I’m glad that I now have a screen that could rise to any occasion.

When Paul Stamatiou selected the heavier duty iLift VESA Arm for his iMac (also from LCDarms), I knew I was in good company. Before I knew of LCDarms though, I was gearing towards Ergotron’s range of LCD arms, which seemed popular with the geek crowd. On the whole, I’m impressed with the ease, aesthetic and build quality of the EVO LCD Arm. Here are more detailed photos I’ve taken today.

Now do you currently use an LCD arm? Which model do you have and how have you used yours? If you’re interested, you can get the full specifications or order the EVO LCD arm online at

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