Kevin’s “Mat Rock Band” Birthday Bash! (4hrs of Pre-Recorded Video)

Video quality sucks in the beginning, but gets better at the end. Live stream settings got messed up by accident.

Last night we did a 4hr Rock Band marathon and streamed it live via

I had set up two cameras: one on the Rock Band video game, the other on us performing. Friends dropped in and made song requests, which was real fun.

Unfortunately, the video stream setting mucked up without my knowledge, plunging the entire video performance into nothing more than watching a bunch of artards playing Iron Maiden in a giant fishbowl. And to think we had massive FIOS bandwidth… as my friend would say “whole life wasted™”.

Note to self: Watch the client side video stream, not the production side damn it!

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Big thanks to Renhao, Daniel and Jerrick of Tech65, Stephen Kastner, and BradMays for rawkin’ it out with us. Sorry if I missed out on the rest who came by… we were busy ruining the Internets with our horrific renditions of 80s classics!

I’ll update this post with the pre-recorded live video as soon as is done processing it. Stay tuned!